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Elf laminated wood flooring guarantee


Unique 3-way Elf Guarantee

The Elf guarantee is transferable, even if you sell your home.
Elf is backed by CTM, our reputation stands behind you.
Our experts select the best value so you get the best deals.

Elf Guarantee period

Elf floors are guaranteed for the following periods. The guarantee applies to product defects only and does not cover the installation there of.

Type of product Domestic use
BASIC 7 years
SUPERIOR 20 years
PREMIER 25 years
ULTIMA 25 years

The Elf Guarantee

For the full guarantee period, the product is guaranteed to be:

Fade resistant - fading from sunlight or artificial light.
Wear resistant - the decorative laminate will not wear through.
Stain resistant - everyday spills mopped up in good time.

Guarantee conditions & care instructions

Elf floor boards should be installed and cared for as instructed. The floor should not be subject to extraordinary levels of stress, moisture or be treated inappropriately. Eg. subjected to mechanical damage, scratched or any unsuitable cleaning processes.

Elf floors must only be laid in appropriate rooms and fitted in accordance with Elf floor products installation guide.

Abrasion is defined as the complete removal of the décor layer in at least one area greater than 1 cm² in size.

Any damage caused by a pointy or sharp edged object is not covered by the guarantee. The maximum height an object may fall from is 150cm and should weigh no greater than 1kg.

Scope of guarantee

On finalisation of a valid guarantee claim, Elf will provide the customer with replacement laminated boards from the current range. Any fitting costs that arise, including the removal of old flooring and profiles, shall not be the assumed responsibility of Elf and does not form part of this guarantee.

How do I make a claim under the guarantee?

If you feel you have a valid claim for damage under the guarantee as specified above, contact Elf immediately and submit the necessary complaint form, photos and the original proof of purchase. Elf reserves the right to inspect the laminate flooring in question upon receipt, and may further choose to send the board to the manufacturer for testing. For claims against floors which have been installed and in use for a longer period of time a percentage is deducted from the new price for each year the floor is in use. The annual deductions are as follows: Class 23 7%, class 31 6% class 33 3.5% and entry products (6mm independent from the class of use) 12.5%.

Damaged panels

In the unlikely event a laminated flooring panel being damaged, there are several options. Provided the damaged area is relatively small, it can be treated using a repair kit or parquet sealant. If the damage is more serious, a professional installer will be able the replace the entire panel if needed.

Pre-installation responsibilities

Inspection responsibility

Despite strict quality controls, damages or defects on single panels can occur. Always check each panel before and during installation. No visible defect claims will be entertained post-installation.

Elf laminated flooring is not suitable for installations in wet rooms such as bathrooms, saunas or similar rooms, and installation in such rooms is not recommended and would void any guarantee.

Sub floor requirements

All sub-floors must be prepared for installation in accordance with normal sub-floor preparation procedures and accepted tolerances within the flooring and building industry.

The sub-floor should not exceed a moisture level of 2%.

Evenness requirements are based on industrial standards,and a maximum tolerance of 3mm/m is allowed.

The sub-floor has to be a closed and self-supporting surface.

The sub-floor has to be clean and in a vacuumed condition.

Unsuitable sub-floors are textile surfaces such as carpets.

Only PROHEAT foil under floor heating is recommended and the temperature is to not exceed 27˚C. Temperature may only be increased by 5˚C per day until the desired temperature is reached.

As a moisture barrier, all installations are to have the minimum requirement of 80 micron builders plastic or Combi Lay, overlapping at least 20mm and ending no further than 5mm from any fixed structure such as walls, pillars and built-in cupboards.

Any deviation not in line with sub-floor requirements should be corrected prior to any installation of laminated flooring products. Failure to adhere to above sub-floor requirements prior to installation would result in guarantee being null and void. 

Installation preparations

Acclimatize the floor panels in the room where the installation is to take place, for a minimum period of 48 hours prior to installation. Failure to acclimatize the product would result in the guarantee being null and void.

Laminated floors look best when the laminate panels are installed parallel to the light coming in through the window.

Determine the width of the room and divide it into the width of the laminated floor board. If the last row is to be less than 5cm wide, it should be adjusted by cutting the first row lengthways.

It is necessary to leave expansion gaps of at least 8-10mm around all parts in the structure, i.e. walls, door frames, stairs, pipes, pillars, cupboards etc. If the necessary minimum requirement of 8-10mm expansion is not met, the product guarantee would be deemed null and void. Elf laminated flooring is made of organic material and is therefore subject to movement such as expansion and shrinkage due to climatic changes.

Transition mouldings have to be installed in the following areas: At all doorways; All passage ways; Single room with a length of more than 10m. Failure to fit these transition profiles would result in incorrect movement due to climatic changes and could result in a possible claim. If the profiles and transitions are not installed in accordance with installation guidelines, any claim arising would be deemed null and void.

Post-installation requirements

Any external door leading onto laminated flooring is to be fitted with a suitable weather guard. Failure to fit all external doors leading onto Elf laminated floors with suitable weather guards would deem the product guarantee null and void.

Dust traps and/or floor mats are to be present at all entrances leading onto the laminated floor product.

Attach felt protectors to the legs of chairs and tables and all other easily moveable furniture.

Only flooring mops specifically manufactured for use on laminated flooring is to be used. The use of excessive water or incorrect cleaning products and processes would cause permanent damage to the boards and is not covered in the guarantee.


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